About Starbox Gifts

We’re in love with gifting done right.

At Starbox, we put together take-your-breath-away gift packages for any occasion, providing tailored service from the first click to doorstep delivery.

 A gift collection that checks all the boxes - Starbox Gifts

Why We Got Started:

In April 2021, one of us hit a big-number birthday and received a gift that was practical, personal, and packaged to perfection.

It made us realize what the perfect gift can do:

  • Bridge distances that are hundreds of miles
  • Convey excitement, emotion, and empathy (a hug in a box.)
  • Let someone know how much they mean to you

For the giver, though, arranging that gift can be sap too much time and drain too much energy. Starbox was launched with one, game-changing thought: What if gifting could be a dream come true for the recipient AND the giver?


Who We Service:

Our awesome clients fit into two categories. Pick yours:



You want to show someone how much they mean to you—in honor of a special occasion, or just because.


Mom, spouse, son, or best friend—we have something special for every special someone.


Choose from our selection of gifts or ready-made packages.


I want this!




You’re a corporate boss with a chock-full to-do list.


You want to gift your employees with something meaningful (and ramp up your popularity!)


We personalize luxury gifts with your employees’ names, packaged in ready-to-give boxes.


Check gift-giving off your to-do list—and transform yourself into everyone’s favorite boss.



I want this!


Who we are:

Starbox is based in New Jersey. Our family-sized team is detail-obsessed, meticulous, and crazy about:

  1. Our gifts
  2. Our packaging
  3. Our customers

When it comes to quality, presentation, or customer service, we’re hopeless perfectionists. That’s because helping you gift is a privilege—one that we don’t take lightly.


Our (Tried-and-True) Process

While we make, wrap and deliver your gift, we’re thinking of you. Our gift packages are handmade, care-infused, and treated royally at every step of the process.

Choose from a selection of quality, beautiful personalized gifts at Starbox GiftsGift Selection

We choose gifts that are useful, trendy, and designed to last a lifetime. (No made-in-china keychains allowed in our inventory!)


Personalized embroidery takes Starbox Gift's collection a level up!Personalized embroidery

Our cutting-edge embroidery machines mean you get perfection with every stitch. Plus, we only use unravel-proof and bleach-resistant thread so your personalized gift will never lose its glitz.


Enjoy beautiful presentation with Starbox Gifts personalized gifts.Premium Packaging

We use superior quality, magnetic-shut gift boxes for classy presentation—because we know the outside counts, too.


Starbox delivers your personalized gift promptly for that special occasion.Convenient Delivery

Tell us when and where you want it, and we deliver your gift exactly the way you’d do it yourself.

Package delivery is hassle-free and glitch-free—and it’s free, too :)


Gift-giving is an art.

Here’s what we’ve learned from 2+ years of honing our gift-giving skills:

  • Personalization can propel your gift from pleasing to enchanting (the glittering stardust kind) Quality gifts + personalized embroidery = the ultimate gift experience
  • The person you’re gifting is special. The perfect gift will let them know you feel that way.
  • Gifting should be an experience—for the recipient and the giver.

Start spreading magic with Starbox. Shop our gifts now